Rukhsar Social Welfare Society

What We Do

We work on the development of rural areas in Bihar

Mahila Evam Shishu Kalyan Parishad has been continuously serving women, children and labourers in Bihar, India for the last 35 years. We have provided education to thousands of children along with mentoring them for a better future. With the goal of ‘Healthy Society’, we have worked with various govt and non-govt plans to embrace the rural people with quality health services and assistance. Our organisation strives to create a legacy in working for women’s rights and skills aiding them to be independent. In this regard, we have organised numerous skill-based training programs for rural women. Our goal is to crystallize the rights of equality across gender as well as to support the development of rural areas capabilities focusing on the needs of common and marginalised families.


Free Education center


Every Child Has The Right To Education

Education is the front wheel of any society and builds knowledge, abilities, life skills and values among people but also develops their creative, social and emotional abilities. It is vital to their cognitive and personal development, which includes critical thinking and problem-solving.

We believe that every child can go to school and complete their education without any hassle.

MESKP's education programs focus on:

Education Center

Gift Distribution



Education for Dropouts

Free Girls Education


Work for Good Health of Every Person

Health is the primary need of every being. It's essential to achieve good health for every section of society. Governments are continuously working in this area to improve the quality of the healthcare system. And our organisation is one of the support systems of this agenda.

MESKP's Health programs focus on:

Student Health Check-up

Free Health Camp


Save Environment Save Life

The environment is the main concern in the 17 sustainable goals declared by the UN. And in India, the government has shown special attention to them. MESKP is working voluntarily to raise the environmental sense among the people.

MESKP's Environment programs focus on:


Save Water

Environment Camp

Rural Development

Development of Rural Areas is the Mantra

Rural development is the method of enhancing the quality of life and economical structure which enables the rural people to maintain an important role in overall national growth. MESKP is the one organisation who has been working in the rural area of Bihar since 1988 and supported various government programmes.

Free Education center

MESKP's Rural Development programs focus on:

Save Villages

Developed Rural Areas

Free Education center

Skill Development

Self Employment

Skill development refers to the identification of skill gaps and developing the existing skills to enable a person to achieve his/her goals. Bihar and Central govt have launched various training schemes to enable the people for jobs. MESKP is working in this field with the government.

MESKP's Skill Development programs focus on:

Computer Training


Digital India

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