Swachhata, Peyjal and Jal Program

Water is one of the most important substances on earth. Most of the children die from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation, and hygiene. In many areas, there is very little awareness of good hygiene practices and they are totally unaware of the spread of diseases due to unhygienic conditions. Still, in many areas, people are using inadequate communal latrines or open defecation and it is more critical for women. Due to open defecation, health is impacted by the spread of disease.

This year, the Water and Sanitation campaign was conducted by the committee members and the officials committee in the slums of village in Kushinagar and people were asked to use Safe drinking water and the toilet. It was also told that to clean the house always and around the house garbage & dirty water not be stored and spraying bleaching powder around the house from time to time. It was also told that after defecation, only after washing hands with soap, eat foods that prevent the disease.

So, Society focus on promoting and educating people on health and sanitation issues. Safe water and adequate sanitation will be responsible for healthy ecosystems, reducing poverty, and achieving inclusive growth, social well-being, and sustainable livelihoods. And organized a Programme at Kushinagar to provide education, awareness t across all communities regarding Sanitation and Water.